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LiveRules - the Modern Business Rules Engine

LiveRules is a simple, yet very powerful rules processor for the modern business demand for both traditional and big data systems. LiveRules suite has LiveRules Editor (LRE), LiveRules Processor (LRP) and LiveRules Administrator (LRA). LRE is a web based interface to create and author the business Rules which can then be processed by the LiveRules Processor (LRP). LiveRules Administrator (LRA) is the administrative component which allows to manage and administrate the entire LiveRules suite of components. LiveRules supports various features which are really needed for the fast paced development and deployment needs.

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"This allows you to"
  • Keep your own database and data model
  • Supports Mapping for RDBMS, MongoDB, JSON and XML
  • Run the processor part of your application / independently (Need just the java support, no need of any specialized servers like J2EE server) as it doesn’t need any specialized server environments
  • Just running on Java platform without any specialized servers, which also cuts down the extra licensing cost to run the Rules Engine.
  • Keep enhancing your rules / business dictionary as your data model changes
  • No need to transform your data to external vendor data model for Rules processing
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