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Our Services

Product Development

We are a product and software development company. LiveRules is one of our product which can be used for any complex rules processing and / or big data rules processing in the commercial market place. We do every product with a passion, market needs and purely focused on our customer success. We leverage on our past experience and user-friendly design to all the products that we create. We don't believe in making fancy but not useful features. We focus on simplicity and user-friendly features that adds real value and cut down the running cost for our customer business.
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Strategic Consulting

Apart from making innovative products, YOROSIS also offers wide range of other offerings to the ever growing demand for solutions. Be it a software solutions or strategic consulting, at YOROSIS, we think that serving the clients are the best thing to happen and we achieve our goals by see our clients being successful through our services. We use our experienced and knowledgeable resources to help run our clients day to day operations, software development or research and development. Need to talk to us for any services, please contact us today and we hope that we could be helpful to you.

Software Development

Our experience in designing complex software and the knowledge of how business works has enabled us to create software products that help us to work faster, better and effortlessly.

We offer variety of services which ranges from developing a custom software to a research oriented proof of concept. As a strong believer of "do it right", we work very closely with our clients to understand their needs and requirements and providing suggestions about different ways of doing things and identifying the gaps, conflicts in requirement at the very early stage of the life cycle. We have created few of the highly complex products and we certainly understand the better way of handling and developing the software projects as each and every projects are different and might need a different approach.