Product Development

We do every product with a passion, market needs and purely focused on our customer success. We leverage on our past experience and user-friendly design to all the products that we create. Our R&D team have worked so hard in creating value through innovative feature sets in our products to help business manage their daily operations smoothly.

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Strategic Consulting

Apart from making innovative products, YOROSIS also offers wide range of other offerings to the ever growing demand for solutions. Be it a software solutions or strategic consulting, at YOROSIS, we think that serving the clients are the best thing to happen and we achieve our goals by see our clients being successful through our services.

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Software Development

Our experience in designing complex software and the knowledge of how business works has enabled us to create software products that help work faster, better and effortlessly. Our development team has the strong skills with innovative thinking to create solutions that helps in managing day to day operations with ease.

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Who We Are

YOROSIS Technologies Inc., is an innovative product, stragetic consulting and software development company based on Maryland, USA. We specialize in Commercial Rules Engine products, Health care industry including but not limited HIPAA Claims Loading, Medical claims adjudication and payment system. We are a small but very energetic and experienced team which focuses on bringing innovative products and services to the market that gives an advantage to our customer's current and future business plans. Our Research and Development team work relentlessly in creating products which eases the development process and more importantly builds the tool-sets that helps monitor and run the business smoothly and easily on a day to day basis.

YOROSIS focus on product and software development and also offers strategic consulting to private and public sector organizations.

We leverage on our experience in the software industry over 15 years to build the product and softwares that contributes and add values to our customer success. Thinking ahead that is what we do in all we do. We constantly evolving our products and services in new technologies based on the market trends and our customer needs. YOROSIS is focused on innovating products and features that matters most to our clients success. We at YOROSIS believe in simplicity, trustworthy and commitment to grow along with our customer success.


  • Keep it simple and thoughtful
  • Honesty, Commitment and Integrity
  • Innovation that matters for our customer’s success